Little Box of Crochet – Betty Beret

Good morning friends!

I got less than 4 hours of sleep last night! YAY HAPPY MONDAY! So glad I have to do things today that involve focus, attention to detail, and interpreting data and information!

I start work in fifteen minutes, so perfect time to blog, right?  Here is a recent FO, the Betty Beret from the December Little Box of Crochet.


Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?


The kit came with some beautiful wool yarn, a cute notebook and postcard, and some Christmas bunting. I’d received this package just as we returned home from our Texas trip, but I’ll definitely have to dig it out for next year!

The project wasn’t too challenging.  I think there was one part I was confused on, but the kit came with instructional videos that helped me when I needed it.

Ta da!!


Now to try it on…

So I will warn you, while I finished this project pre-quarantine, these pictures are definitely not pre-quarantine.  My hair is about 10 days short of being completely disheveled.


Like I shouldn’t care about my hair right now, etc etc, but I’m just saying there’s maybe a 5% chance of a quarantine buzz cut.  Like GI Jane? YEAH! Husband will LOVE IT!*

Ok, I’ll shut up about my hair.  Let’s see how it looks from the back.


Can I tell you a secret?

Come closer.

A little closer.


Ok ::deep breath:: I’m…not really a beret person.

Am I even styling this right? I don’t know.


I think I like it better as a beanie.


Ok, I’ve procrastinated long enough and shoved enough atrocious pictures of myself in your faces.  Overall, even though this isn’t really my style, it was a cute project and I may wear it if I’m ever feeling jaunty and whimsical.

Have a great day friends!

::chugs caffeine::




*He will not love it.

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  1. I absolutely love the hat; it looks so cute on you. Do NOT buzz your beautiful hair. I read a post yesterday that cautioned people from doing anything to their hair right now. Apparently there are images on YouTube of some failed home jobs. Just put the scissors down and step away from the mirror! hahahaha!!

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    • Thank you! Oh haha I definitely will not, I think I would hate it after three seconds. LOL I think I read that too! I was googling “how to cut your hair at home” and realized it’s probably a bad idea!! Hahahah!

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  2. I’m not a beret person either, but it looks good on you!
    Hair is definitely going to become an issue at some point. I left mine too long since the last cut, then I was waiting until the boyfriend gave me his half of the rent, and then everything closed down. I’m gonna have to do something before all this is over!

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