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WIP Wednesday

Hi friends!

Figured I would give “WIP Wednesday” a try.  I have been very guilty of posting WIPs here and then never finishing them, buuuut I think I will finish this one by next week! (Is that overly ambitious?)


This is the Earl Grey Wrap from Two of Wands.  I bought this kit back in August, started it, and then never got going with it.  I picked it up the other night after completing another project (which I will post about soon – can’t use up all my blog post ideas in one! Haha!)  It’s been moving very quickly and I’m happy with its progress right now. My edges look a little funky, but I think some good blocking should fix it.

I should have more free time now that I wrapped up some slide decks for an internal deadline that was yesterday.  I spent the last two weekends on it so am happy to have some real ~~free time~~ this upcoming weekend.  I’m just glad it’s April – someone noted that March is the same month Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race, and I could not BELIEVE that all happened within the same month. Crazy.

I’d better get to work, but hope you are all well and safe! Chat later!

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  1. Ciao Jenny,
    Adoro tutti i tuoi progetti con la lana. Questo è stato un mese che sarà per sempre indimenticabile. Farà parte della nostra storia. Alla prossima chat. Xoxo

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