A Weekend of Crafting, Hikes, and Hair Dyeing

Good morning friends!

I found myself awake at 5 am again. I’m a light sleeper, and if Husband accidentally wakes me up, then that’s it. I tried in vain to fall back asleep, then decided at 6:30, there’s only so much Instagram scrolling one can do without feeling like a useless human.  It’s good to be up early again. My sleeping habits definitely need an adjustment before I go back to the office.  Lately, I’ve been getting up with just enough time to squeeze a workout and shower in before starting work at 9:15.

I thought I would have time to work on a little project this morning, read a paper, perhaps journal, but alas.  All I’ve done is frogged a top I was starting since the stitch count is off, and the hook I was using is too fiddly.  That’s okay.  Work has been so hectic these past couple of weeks and I’m grateful for a slow morning.  I hope it sets the tone for the rest of the week.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  Saturday morning started off cooooold.  “Freeze warning” and “May” do not belong in the same sentence, but thankfully there was not any snow. The day warmed up quite nicely (well, to the 50s, so that’s something), so Husband and I took the pup out to explore another trail.

I didn’t make a ton of progress on my projects this weekend.  I am having quite a time dropping stitches with my French Press Cardi, so I set that down for the time being.  I was so proud of my progress last week, too! I think I will be able to figure it out, but just not while I watch TV (which is when I do the majority of my crafting.)  I’ve started the Pathways Camisole from Two of Wands (well, sort of…that’s what I frogged this morning).  I’ve been trying very, very hard to use what I have in my stash, so instead of Lion Brand’s Truboo, I’m using the skeins of Berroco Modern Cotton that I won last year during Local Yarn Store Day.  I’ve also been making good progress on the White Noise Wrap from Knits N Knots.

I also conducted another hair dye experiment.  This time, I tried Arctic Fox in Purple Rain.  “Jenny,” you say, “why do you wait to dye your hair these colors when offices are opening back up and you’ll be back to work in several weeks?”  Well, my hair is (currently) unbleached, and probably at a level….3? Maybe 4 at the ends. With these pigmented colors, I think you need a level 7 or 8 to really notice anything.  I was pretty sure that the dye would not take, but figured it would be a fun experiment.

So yesterday, I dug out my gloves, skipped the swatch test since I’m impatient, and dug right in.  I tried to be as careful as I could, but things started getting a liiiiittle messy by the end of the bottle.  I was horrified to discover that, despite my best efforts to cover the floor with a towel, purple dye had still somehow made it to the floor. I hastily cleaned it up.

I put a shower cap on my hair and left the dye in for two hours.  At some point, I realized the cap had fallen midway over my forehead.  “Oh no,” I thought.  “There’s probably dye all over my forehead.”


I will tell you that I’m not used to dyeing my own hair at home, and that is probably painfully obvious.

Things that were purple at the end of this experiment:

-My forehead, clearly
-My fingernails
-My neck
-Patches of my cheeks
-The counter top
-The floor
-The sink
-My feet
-My shirt
-My pants

Things that were not purple at the end of this experiment:


So that’s frustrating, but it is at least what I expected.  I’m going to see if it’s noticeable in the sun, or if it fades a bit after the first wash.  It darkened my hair more, and at least covered the extensive grays I was starting to get.

Well, I should probably get up and get ready for Monday. Have a great week!

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    • Thank you! I’ve really been enjoying these hikes! Haha yes, hopefully next time I will get better results! I’m still dealing with the aftermath (purple everywhere!!!) 🙂

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