An Update from the Grinch

Less than a month left in this terrible year and two weeks until Christmas. Two weeks?! I already want to fast-forward during the holidays when it’s a normal year. I suppose the one benefit of staying at home most of the time is that I am not subjected to Christmas music while shopping. We haven’t put up a tree yet. Maybe this weekend? I don’t know. We’re not going to Texas for the holidays so might as well. I don’t feel particularly festive at the moment.

Work has been keeping me very busy. A comment response letter for a client and reporting effort for an Air Force Base have taken up much of my free time. I feel like I desperately need a day of catch-up. The report is due at the beginning of February, which sounds like a lot of time, but really isn’t. Internally I am starting to freak out about it. However, as I am (deservedly) in the very last vaccine group, it will at least be a good distraction. That, and writing classes that I’ve signed up for to keep my mind occupied this winter.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and went on a camping trip that week. It was a good distraction and I’ll save that for a separate post. When we returned, I went through and purged half of my closet. Not wearing dress clothes for 9 months makes one reconsider her wardrobe. I also organized my craft closet and decided to stop my current craft box subscriptions. I have enough projects to keep me occupied until 2056 and I don’t want to continue hoarding projects that I am unable to finish in an appropriate amount of time.

For example: here is my progress the last two weeks.

And you’re like, ok, that’s cute, but what else?

Well, there’s this but it’s UNFINISHED (hence the wonkiness. Also it’s off-center but here you go):

So yep. Time to unsubscribe to things.

After being cooped up in this house for 9 months, it still doesn’t feel like *home*, so this winter my focus is decorating it to make it more cozy. The walls are empty and I think some shelves (maybe some plants that I will never water?) will brighten up the space. I feel like we have the downstairs pretty well-put together, but the upstairs needs some HELP.

The weather has been warmer for this time of year – yesterday the highs were in the 60s and I was happy.

My walk last weekend was chillier and I kept seeing abandoned pumpkins everywhere. I felt like I was in a 2020 Taylor Swift video.

I need to go do a slow yoga video since my back isn’t 100%, but I will leave you with a photo that is proof I’ve been working from home for too long:

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  1. You are soooo freakin cute! I love your crafts, I don’t do subscriptions of any sort (other than my farm to table box) because I know my pace is slow. I was told by a colleague that we have 8 more school days until Christmas break. I felt my heart rate increase. We don’t have anything decorated. Our creche is up and there is a wreath on the door. Period. That’s it.

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  2. I am sorry to hear about your back and hopefully it feels better soon. I think so many of us are hitting the wall lately – I know I feel the exact same way with work, being home, holidays, what have you. The bright spot is that your crafts are so cute and Mr Apollo is just utterly delightful. I get so much joy out of his expressiveness and mischief. 😍

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  3. Jenny, you look great! I know about back problems and agree it is best to keep moving. I would only add that nothing beats a good Physical Therapist if it doesn’t get better soon. Also, did I tell you that I think you are a very good writer already. ( daughter of a newspaper man and an ex reading teacher that I am). However, I am impressed that you are studying the craft even further. Wonderful!

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