It’s the Most Wonderful Time…of the Year (???)

Hello friends. Happy Sunday. Five days left before Christmas, and eleven more days in this garbage year. But at least we’ve approved a second vaccine in the US! I feel like the light is finally at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic. I follow several medical professionals/science communicators on Instagram for COVID info, and seeing them get their vaccines fills me with joy.

I’m taking time off work between December 24-January 1, and while I’m looking forward to it, I’m drowning in work that I need to wrap up before I take off. I’ve had to punt some responsibilities in lieu of other deadlines. But punting responsibilities fills me with stress, so I’ve just been a wee stress ball these past few weeks. Apollo has been providing entertainment and levity during the day – he has a treat tire he’s obsessed with, so his latest pastime is throwing it around the room as noisily as possible to let me know he needs a treat. AT 10 AM. Apollo needs to learn that we wait at least until after noon to indulge in our vices.

But I spent Friday evening catching up on the tasks I’ve had to punt, and I felt better afterward. And I’m working this afternoon (booo BOOOO) to stay ahead of the week. Then – rest.

Speaking of procrastination, I decided to wait until like, now, to pull together holiday cards for everyone. YEAHHHH LET’S GOOOOOOO. FIVE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS AND USPS IS ALREADY BOMBARDED WITH PACKAGES AND MAIL. WOOOOOOOO.

These are unblocked snowflake ornaments that I’m going to send with my cards. I thought I made more of them, but apparently not. Hmm. I need to get on that. Anyway, the pattern is super easy and quick, but big caveat – there is an error in the pattern (in the first round, chain 3 to count as first double crochet THEN chain 2…then slip stitch at the top of chain 3 to end the round).

We also decorated our tree last weekend to be all festive. Ignore Apollo’s giant basket of toys next to it.

Having decorations up does admittedly make the house feel a little cozier and festive.

We were supposed to go camping during our break, but I don’t know. I don’t think that’s going to happen. It looks there will be a lot of rain the first night we get there, with lows of 27 degrees…and then a high of 30 degrees/low of 19 degrees the next day (our hiking day), WITH SNOW.

I’ve really enjoyed camping and it’s helped me deal with my restlessness so much…BUT. Neither of us feel prepared to camp in snow. Our first night in Tennessee last month was kind of miserable, and the lows there were in the upper 20s/low 30s. If we decide to stay put, I’ve found some fun activities we can do that (A) will keep us socially distant and (B) get us out of the house so we won’t be depressed and still allow us to explore the area a bit. So that may end up being what we do. Leaning in and all that. But one unexpected gift from 2020 is discovering that camping is something both Husband and I want to continue doing post-pandemic.

We did go for a walk yesterday using some of the cold weather gear we bought for this trip, and guess what? DID YOU KNOW THAT WEARING SUITABLE GLOVES AND CAPS HELPS WITH COLD WEATHER? I learned from our camping trip last month that there’s a reason why the phrase “Cotton kills” is a thing, and since purchased synthetics. We’re still learning…base layers and synthetic fibers were not a concept we ever had to worry about in Texas. The wind chill put the temperature during our walk at 34 degrees, but I was actually feeling pretty good!

Indiana serving super depressing winter weather as usual.

Apollo was quite exhausted by his adventures.

Well, I’d better go…I’m going to go for a run and then work (thhhh). This time I’ll stretch afterward so I don’t pull my back again. I hope you all are keeping cozy and warm, and that you have fun, joyful activities planned for the holidays.

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  1. Happy Holidays! I’m glad you’re staying warm and doing some festive things–those snowflakes are beautiful. I have some old ones my grandmother crocheted years and years ago. I should dig those out someday and display them!

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  2. We are keeping cozy here in NY. Please don’t go camping in the snow. Just the thought of that gives me a chill. I am taking consolation that the shortest day of the year has passed. Amen to that!! We totally failed on the card front. I am actually thinking about writing some out on Christmas Eve. We celebrate until the Epiphany, so technically we still have time. At least that is what I am telling myself!

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