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During my vacation, I wrote some blogs for this month and set them to publish on future dates. I knew this month would be busy and it was a way for me to stay “active”. I’d neglected to remember I had set a date for one of my posts the very day after the insurrection here in the United States. (The fact that I even had to write that sentence as FACT and not for some post-apocalyptic story is mind-blowing). I sincerely apologize for the very poor timing of that post, but my sentiments still stand – that this blogging community has brought me a lot of joy over the past crazy year.

What happened Wednesday was horrifying to witness on many levels, but as I watched the domestic terrorists carefully get escorted down the steps of the Capitol, I thought of this Instagram post that sums everything up succinctly.

I hope they all get prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and since most of them were dumb* enough to do this openly, then I hope there’s a good chance of that happening.

And we had just won Georgia. Can we not have ONE NICE DAY?

Tr*mp needs to get removed ASAP but I don’t think that will happen. I read that he can be impeached after he leaves office. My ~~vision board~~ for his future involves his getting impeached after he leaves office, convicted in the Senate, and prohibited from running again. We all knew he was a national security threat, but I think this event finally helped members of his own party realize that.

12 more days. 12 more days. 12 more days.

*It takes a special kind of dumb to think that the election was stolen and that this country needed to be taken back in the first place (and attempting a coup during a PANDEMIC. PANDEMIC!), but that’s a different topic for a different post.

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