Good morning all! I hope you were able to find some joy this weekend. Even without the coup, it was a rough week. Current events made me sad. Work made me very sad. To cap off a rough week at work, I was the recipient of a not-so-great email that was sent 5 pm on Friday. Why do people do that? I’m still working at 5 pm on Friday! I don’t want to my start my weekend off like that!

I decided to hibernate this weekend. I rescheduled my Zoom drum lesson. I finished my chores early so Husband and I could binge 30 Rock. We ordered a pizza Saturday night after spending the afternoon Geocaching at a park. I haven’t Geocached in a decade now, but since we’re in phase ????????? of the pandemic, I thought it would be fun to revisit. This article reminded me of it! We had a hard time finding the cache since it was rated as a three – next time!

I’m in an “ALL THINGS MUST GO” phase with my crafting and have been trying to attack old projects that have been sitting around in my stash. I’d ordered a “Not So Little Box of Crochet” project in 2017, did a round, and put it away until yesterday. Why did I wait so long to do this? This is working up super fast. Then again, there’s over 3 more years of experience now and I wonder if I was just too intimidated to do this project back then. I’m actually almost done with it. You all know how slow I am, but the yarn I’m working with is super bulky and there are a lot of triple crochet stitches. I expect to finish tonight or tomorrow, depending on whether I decide to add the pom poms*.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how it will look once I try it on or if I will like it – it’s a “ponchette.” But whatever, at least it’s almost done and that box will be out of my closet.

I’d better get going so I can start my week. Here’s to hoping it’s better than last week on ALL accounts. January is already my least-favorite month, and this is the most January to ever January.

Nine more days. Nine more days. Nine more days.

*I am not a pom pom person.

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  1. So sorry you had a bad week. I hope your hibernating helped and that you have a better week this week, though I’m guessing you’re like me and bracing yourself for more unpleasant news to break in the next nine days.

    Also, um, where would the pompoms go on that that “ponchette”?

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    • Thank you! Taking a breather definitely helped.

      They’re supposed to be the ends of the ponchette ties…so yeah, I don’t know if they’re going to look okay :\ haha


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