Crafting From My Stash

A Quick Spring Update

Good morning all!

It’s been a long, odd couple of weeks, so let’s celebrate the wins, shall we?

  1. I received my first dose of the vaccine on March 31st! I was so happy and grateful to have received it. My second dose is on April 21st.
  2. My second creative non-fiction writing class ended last week. It was a wonderful session – three of us had already taken a class together, so we were comfortable sharing vulnerable, raw work with each other. My teacher created such a safe, warm space for us to do so. I think we are going to try and keep a writing group going, so this makes me happy!
  3. I have two more winter FOs that I will awkwardly model next weekend, because I am finally going back to the stylist next Saturday! My hair looks bad right now. So, so bad.
  4. I’m working on this Starry Lights sweater from Two of Wands as I continue working through my stash. I purchased the yarn for this project right before I moved. I am really loving the spring palette and it’s proved to be an easy make so far, though I had to frog it when I miscounted some of the stitches (URRGHHH). I’m happy I did though – it looks better and all stitches are accounted for.

5. It’s still not warm here in Indiana, but we’ve had weather in the 70s. I’ll take it. I’m really loving the spring blossoms! Our walk this Saturday was cloudy but still beautiful.

I’d better get up and get moving – I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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