Checking In

Hi friends.

It’s been awhile, etc.

I hope you all are doing well. The pandemic appears to be retreating in the US for the time being, so we’ve been having some much-needed normalcy the past couple of months. Being fully vaccinated by the end of April is a huge privilege that many of my friends and family around the world haven’t been able to experience, and it’s a privilege I’m keenly aware of. I’ve certainly welcomed the return to normalcy, but like many of you, it hasn’t been a completely seamless transition. I knew that returning to life post-pandemic (I don’t feel like we can really call it that just yet, when it’s still surging in so many areas around the world) wouldn’t be like turning on a switch. I’ve been luckier than most but still carry scars from the experience with me. I think we all do, some deeper than others.

I’ve been doing fairly well, all things considered. Work is finding new and inventive ways of turning me into a stress ball (I even had field work at the beginning of the month – time to dig out the retired FIELD WORK NOOOOO tag). Lots of little life things that do not revolve around the pandemic – car troubles, sprained wrists, burnout. So much burnout. Itching to return to travel again. Lots of walks outside with the dog (summer here in Indiana is truly beautiful), writing, some crafting, exploring new restaurants again. (There is a Korean restaurant we discovered several weeks ago that is DIVINE).

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last several months that capture the joy. You might see a cactus picture because I was finally able to return home to Texas a couple of weeks ago 🙂

From left, clockwise – Indianapolis Zoo; Eagle Creek Park; cacti in Texas <3; sunflowers basking in the Texas heat; daisy fleabanes, which apparently are invasive weeds but they’re PRETTY; me at my second restaurant post-vaccination.

My crafting has been very, very slow. I’ve been finished with this sweater for a good month, but have I blocked it? No.

I have been so good about not buying yarn, but I was very bad last month and bought lots of summer-themed yarns. Summer is so short here, so I need to hurry up and do something with it.

Apollo continuously thinking everything is his.

That is it for now! I hope to return to this space more frequently. I hope that you all are well and safe and enjoying the weather, wherever you’re at in the world.

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  1. Jen-nay!!! Good to see you. Apollo, you are handsome as ever! Nice to see you are doing well (except for that stress ball). The photos are beautiful. Summer in NY is equally divine. I can’t get enough of the heat and humidity. I love an evening shower and light cotton nightgown after a day of getting dirty in the garden.

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