Crafting From My Stash

Finished Objects – The Hopelessy Out-of-Season Edition

Hi friends!

It’s time for a craft roundup!

Oh, what, you ask? A craft roundup of makes I finished in late winter/early spring and is now completely out of season?


I’m very happy to report that these were both stash-busting projects.

First up – this cowl from a book called Making Winter.

This was a pretty quick and easy make. I used yarn that I’d bought from Pike Place Market two years ago. I’d been saving that yarn for something fun, and it was a nice reminder that I’d eventually be able to travel places again and buy yarn.

Next is the Dwell Sweater from Make and Do Crew.

While I liked the pattern, I don’t like the yarn I chose for it. It’s been sitting in my stash for years – I think I bought it while I was still living in Texas. I used Loops & Threads Barcelona yarn (Arctic colorway). Don’t love the color or texture (did I buy it during a fever dream-induced trip to Michael’s? I will never know).

I won’t lie, this has now become a doggy blanket. Maybe I’ll remake it using different yarn.

The next time you see a post from me, I will probably be modeling summer outfits as fall wanes into winter. Stay tuned!!!!

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