Forward Momentum

Happy Sunday, all!

How has it already been nearly a month since I’ve posted? Ugh.

I’ve been doing well. I took the week of July 5th off. I was so burned out at work and really needed a break (plus, the 5th is my birthday!)

We did a couple of hikes on the 4th and 5th. I got brand new hiking boots from REI that I needed to break in. Our 4th of July hike was a lot of fun, but SO. MANY. TICKS. Apollo tried to take home an entire tick fraternity with him.

On my birthday, we went for a hike at Cataract Falls. Cheers to 37!

At the end of the week, we took a trip to Colorado, which was incredible! That will be its own separate post.

I thought I would be able to focus when I returned to work, but…not so much. I have been keeping pretty quiet about this, but Husband and I will be moving again! We’re still staying in Indiana, but we’re moving about an hour away to be closer to his job. We are currently living in a teeny tiny town about 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis. It was the best we could do to make our jobs work pre-pandemic, but obviously things have changed since then. I’m sure we can all write our own books about Things We Learned During the Pandemic. My tome would include such nuggets as:

  • If I am reporting to the Texas group again and working from home permanently, then why does my husband need to drive 50 minutes to get to work?
  • Community is important. I want to to dig in and bloom. This neighborhood and town have been very isolating in multiple ways.
  • I really dislike driving 20-30 minutes to get to civilization. My basic ass just wants to be ten minutes away from takeout and Starbucks.

The city we’re moving to certainly isn’t big, but it’s definitely larger than where we’re at now! (The metro area is a little less than 200K, versus 1K in the town I’m currently living in). And we found a house! We put in an offer on a lovely home this week, and after a little back and forth, it was accepted yesterday 🙂 The home is so cozy and has so much character (it was built in 1920). I can’t wait to move in. Husband’s job will be less than 10 minutes away, I’ll have a really beautiful office space, and we’ll be in close proximity to his friends! I’ll be able to run out of our neighborhood and onto some trails, which I have missed soooo much. I’ll miss being close to Indy, but we’ll definitely visit often – and my drum teacher offered to continue teaching me over Zoom and to give me in-person lessons anytime I’m in Indy 🙂 After feeling so isolated, sad, and stagnant last year, I can’t tell you how I’m excited for this next step!

Next step – inspection! I have no idea what that process will be like with a 100-year-old home.


I finally finished the lovely Night Lights sweater from Two of Wands!

I really love how this colorway turned out! I used Shawl in a Ball in the “Unique Unicorn” colorway. It came out great!

I might have mentioned this on here before, but I have ridiculously long arms. Even buying clothes at department stores makes me feel like I’ve just gone through a growth spurt, so I think I may need to add to the sleeves.

I’m still slowly working on a crocheted top. I hope to have some progress pics for you soon.

Anyway, there’s some coffee calling my name. I hope you have a restful Sunday!

*Which will never happen because I’m slow af, but it’s the thought that counts.

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  1. Jenny- just absolutely beautiful pictures! You know how I love pictures. Kate, Rascal, and Dweezel are headed back to their house today so your post was really uplifting.

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  2. Wow! Congratulations on the new home. It sounds like a beneficial move and to be that close to work is a real blessing. I love the homes of the 1920s. There were a lot built in the Arts and Crafts style, which is my favorite.

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  3. Ciao Jenny,
    Prima di tutto congratulazioni per l’acquisto di una casa nuova. Sarà bellissimo abitare vicino a posti dove si può prendere un caffè e fare un po’ di shopping senza guidare per un’eternità. Un abbraccio a tutti! Auguri! 🥰

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  4. Happy belated birthday and congrats on the move! That sounds exciting & like it’ll be a better fit for both of you. I’m like you–I like being close to civilization. Good luck with it all!

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