Post-Halloween Check-In

Hi friends! It’s been awhile, so I just wanted to make a quick catch-up post.

October flew by – it was a mix of house settling, work, and a trip! I was very lucky to have been able to go to Portugal. It was so much fun, and I’ll write up some posts in the future about it. I’m glad I was able to enjoy some sunshine and warmth now that it’s getting cold. Yesterday the high was 43 degrees, which, SAD FACE. But I can’t complain too much, I guess. We had weather into the mid-80s for much of October, which felt more like home.

We had a relatively normal Halloween – we grabbed coffee, took a walk in the woods, and then came home to prepare for trick or treaters. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how much candy to buy. We bought enough candy to fill a very large bowl, and ended up going through most of it. I was happy to be able to hand out candy again, since we did not participate last year because of ::gestures wildly::

I selected my reliably lazy Halloween costume of a Vampurr, while Apollo was a grumpy bumblebee again. He hates this costume and we watch his soul die every time we try and pull the costume’s hat on his ears. He also barked at all the trick or treaters who came to our door. I really hope we did not give any small Peppa Pigs a lifetime fear of dogs because of his antics.

I’ve been slowly working through a knitted blanket and some embroidery/cross-stitch projects, but nothing worth sharing here yet. I’m slow.

Work has been…hmm. Hmmmmm. I spent last week arguing with subcontractors and writing proposals and working with tricky clients. That is all I have to say about that. Just give me some data and a report to write, and I am happy.

Lately I’ve been getting really vivid dreams of Austin. Sometimes it’s really mundane things, like driving along a road. Last night I dreamt I was returning. My brain is really just doing its best to keep me from being happy. But tonight I have a violin lesson and I baked an apple banana bread for game night with Husband’s coworkers. And there’s a swing dance lesson I want to drag Husband to tomorrow, because I haven’t gone swing dancing in ages. Maybe since 2009? Yeah. So I’m trying. I’m digging my tendrils into the soil as hard as I can and hoping they take root.

I guess I need to start getting ready for my day – I hope you all are enjoying fall and that it’s not too cold where you’re at.

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