I’d Like to Be My Old Self Again but I’m Still Trying to Find It

Today I share a deep, secret shame with you – I love celebrity gossip. It has been a consistent guilty pleasure since I was a teenager, and you can bet that every morning, besides checking the Washington Post and New York Times, I check my reliably awful celebrity gossip websites. THERE. I HAVE PUT THIS INFORMATION INTO THE ETHER AND I CANNOT TAKE IT BACK.

So I have loooooved all the delicious gossip that has resulted from Taylor Swift’s Red re-release, and I’m not even a Swiftie. I’m pretty sure the kitchen scene from the “All Too Well” video probably happened word for word and I LIVE FOR THIS MESSINESS. What happened to the scarf? Why didn’t you go to her 21st birthday party, Jake? YOU COULD HAVE JUST RETURNED THE SCARF AND THIS ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN OKAY.

As I tread deeper and deeper into Sad Girl Autumn, the line that I used for this blog’s title really struck a chord with me. I haven’t felt myself lately – in quite some time – but I’m really trying. I’ve been so burned out with work. I get really excited and motivated about doing things, but then the execution of said things is a bit more challenging.

I realized last week (only last week) that maybe working eight hours straight in front of my computer is not the best way to stay motivated, so I’ve started breaking up my day by walking the dog at lunch. It helps getting out in the sunshine. I think I need to dig out the SAD lamp next.

I’ve taken most of the week off from work and that’s been helping too. Our week has been full of yummy food. The staff already recognizes at our new favorite Thai restaurant, which makes me happy. Husband and I made our first ever turkey for Thanksgiving, and attended a Friendsgiving yesterday with one of his coworkers.

We explored a new wetland near our house this week – it’s beautiful but very chilly. I went for a run there yesterday and was trying to explore more of the trails, but an aggressive, unleased dog told me to turn around.

I haven’t been very productive in terms of crafting, but I have managed to finish a sampler from Kiriki Press. I messed up the basketweave stitch on the Victorian gloved hand, but I think it still came out okay.

Today we are going to start with our home renovation projects. The entire house is covered with old, questionable carpet, so we are going to remove the carpet piecemeal. First room – dining room! I am excited but nervous about the condition of the hardwood floors underneath, and how disgusting the carpet is going to be when we remove it.

I hope you all have a cozy weekend with warmth and lots of sunlight.

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  1. Oh, hi Jenny!! I am sorry you have been out of sorts. I truly believe that working from home and online are two highly overrated situations. I found my work day bleeding in to my personal time and the lack of variety in my scenery made for a bit of rut. I walk about an hour each day a lunch. It is my therapy and really helps with SAD. Even when the temps dip to single digits, I bundle up and get outside and out of my head.
    I am loving the haunted house needle work!!

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