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I'm Jenny. I like running, drumming, and talking about Dave Grohl.

Going Inward

Today is my second wedding anniversary.  Last year we celebrated our anniversary in Seattle.  This year we’d been planning on another anniversary trip, but…well, you know how that story ends. This is […]

WIP Wednesday

Hi friends! Figured I would give “WIP Wednesday” a try.  I have been very guilty of posting WIPs here and then never finishing them, buuuut I think I will finish this one […]

Virtual Hug

Hi friends. I don’t have a crafty update at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of all of you as we all deal with this unprecedented […]


Hello friends! Happy March! I am so excited about spring.  We’ve been getting snow the past week or two (nothing heavy, just enough to be an annoyance and for me to keep […]