Finished Object – Lil Denim Cardi

Hello friends!  Nope, it’s not already June. Nope, nope, nope.

I hope you had a good weekend! I kept busy.  Had to do some work (boo), got my chores done, and honestly not much crafting.  I miscounted my stitches on my hat, so the decrease is all off.  I’m almost in the “BURN IT NOW” stage, but I’ll see if I can frog the row and see where I went wrong.

This weekend I got to see Husband play two gigs.  I actually met him 10 years ago after seeing him play a show in our hometown (yep, I’m the cliche who fell for the guitar player), and I haven’t seen him do a gig since his last show in August 2009.  He’s in a Primus cover band with my former drum teacher, and they are AWESOME.  Seeing them play really made me miss playing, and made me want to jump back behind the kit.  I wish we weren’t moving in six weeks so he could have more gigs, but I’m glad he was able to fulfill his dream of gigging in Austin before leaving!

Oh yeah, so I finally got a picture with my cardi!  This was a piece from Sewrella, and the pattern was pretty easy to work up. Even the dreaded sleeves!  I feel like her patterns are pretty approachable to beginner/intermediate makers.



Blocking the sleeves definitely helped.  While the fit was still a little tight, it didn’t feel like my arms were in blood pressure cuffs. Unfortunately, one of the stitches in the back came undone, so I didn’t weave in my ends well enough.  I’ll have to fix that.  This is definitely a cute accessory, but it’s already so hot here that I would melt if I wore this now.  If we were staying in Texas, I’d say I could wear this cardi in November, but now that we’re moving to the Midwest, we’ll see! I can probably wear it sooner!

I should probably get ready for work, have a great Monday!

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  1. See? The blessings of the cool climate: you can wear your knits all year long! Or at least that’s what I say to myself each time I want to curse when I see the rain outside and the temperature drops even more.
    Oh and hey, the cliche girl falls for the bassist! 😉

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    • Ahahaha yes I’m sure I’ll know that feeling very soon! 😀 That’s awesome you met your bf that way as well. There’s just something very attractive about seeing a musician in his element 😀


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