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Happy Saturday friends!  I’m currently drinking coffee while my lazy dog sleeps next to me.  Hope you all are doing well!

We found out yesterday that Husband’s car is probably going to be a total loss.  It’s totally fine, but just in terms of timing, I thought of this gif and started laughing:

Let’s talk about crafts, shall we? I am making some progress on my Paper Bag Tunic and am almost done with the back panel…but that means I still have to start on the front panel. (SIGH). I’m rapidly losing interest in this project, so naturally, I’ve been eyeing other patterns I want to make.  These are all crochet since I still really suck at knitting.  If you enjoy the patterns, I am including a link to each below!

  1.  The Sand Bar Cardi by TL Yarn Crafts
Sandbar Cardi

Photo courtesy of TL Yarn Crafts

I don’t even care if I’m moving, if my local Jo-Ann sold the yarn needed for this project, I would have walked out with all eight balls of it or whatever without ANY SHAME.  This is such a fantastic cardigan and I want to make it NOW.  My worry is that by the time I procure the yarn, it will be time for fall makes.  But I do think this color will be a lovely fall transition…and the cardi would be a great statement piece with some boots!  And you all, I will actually be able to wear boots in Indiana in September and not sweat to death.  To illustrate – average high in September for Indianapolis – 77 degrees.  Average high in Austin in September – 90 degrees.  I can’t believe ACL used to be in September, and how did we all not die of heat stroke when we attended, but I DIGRESS.

2.  Crochet Cabana Top by Sewrella

Crochet Cabana Top

Photo courtesy of Sewrella

I’m a big Sewrella fan – her garments are all really approachable to beginners wanting to build their skills.  I may or may not have already procured the yarn for this top, except I selected the Cloud 9 colorway (according to the Lion Brand website, this colorway consists of “stripes of periwinkle, navy, sea foam green, grape, and sky blue plied with silver.” Okay).  Next step – gauge swatching!

3.  Night Lights Sweater by Two of Wands

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Photo courtesy of Two of Wands

Two of Wands has effortlessly chic designs. Some of them are outside my skill level, I think, but this one looks pretty easy.  I actually have one Shawl in a Cake in my stash, but with the “Unique Unicorn” (lol) colorway (according to Lion Brand, it’s a “gradation of Oxford Grey, Aqua, Lilac, Ballet Shoe Pink, and Pale Yellow.”)  Soooo I’m thinking of just giving it a try with that colorway and seeing what happens.  It might look completely obnoxious, but why not.

4.  The Seamstress Top by Hooked on Tilly

Seamstress Top

This top is so cute!  I already have balls of Baby Soft from Lion Brand set aside for the project, this is already gauge swatched and ready to start! Perhaps this weekend!

Please tell me what projects you’re working on and what is inspiring you at the moment.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. I usually avoid crochet garments because the fabric feels too thick but I really love The Seamstress Top. Hmm… might be a good idea to add another project to my queue! As if it wasn’t long enough already…

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